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Brand New You?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Are you afraid of going for that job? Flirting with that person? Looking or acting like someone that doesn't fit into the box you've put yourself into? I've always thought that I can't do certain things because of my income level, my looks, my personality.. I've certainly put myself into a little mental box that is difficult to break out of.

My advice is to;

- Set BIG goals, think of something outrageous, something you have dreamed of doing. Write it down somewhere you always look.

Now write down baby steps on how to achieve it. Go meet that person. Say yes to little opportunities instead of no.

- Visualize your dream life. People all over the world make "Dream Boards", this is a great way to make that BIG goal seem a little more achievable.

- Just go for it. What is the worst that can happen? Maybe go into debt. Maybe you'll get turned down. Maybe you'll do amazing. Regardless of the outcome, it's better to say you did something, failed, learned from it and came back stronger then it is to sit around afraid of what might happen if you actually go for it. You don't need reinvent yourself or be a brand new you, you just need to plant your goals, water them with strength & self love and you will be a BETTER YOU!

My goals are in 2019 are:

- To grow my social media following!

- Have a really successful makeup business!

- Feel mentally stable & more happy!

What are your dreams/goals?

Thank you for listening. We can all build each other up!


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